Internship Report: KPMG

Now that many of us are done or at least mid-way through their internships we wanted to quickly describe different kinds of internships. Starting with Accountancy Firms.

KPMG is most commonly known for its Audit and Tax Consulting Divisions. However they also operate in Strategy Consulting for a few years now. They are amongst the “Big four” accounting firms in the world – the other ones being PWC, E&Y and Deloitte.

In most of the Divisions – be it Audit, Tax or Advisory, you will have to do tasks requiring Excel and Powerpoint Skills. If you are fortunate enough to accompany the Professionals to the Client you may actually also be involved in staff interviews or work with SAP.

Marius Diem, 2nd Semester GM Student is currently doing his Internship at KPMG in the Internal Audit Division allocated between Audit and Advisory. He believes that “This is a useful internship. After two semesters the understanding of Accounting and Management Processes is sufficient to do some of the tasks without having to jump to Google straight away.” furthermore “it is nice to go to the client for a change – after sitting in front of a computer screen for ages.”

Mobile Spy Reviews best of all approaches. Don’t forget. Memory is very necessary in these hard times.

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