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Business School

EBS Communicate concerns itself with the development of verbal skills as well as one’s ability to present and to debate. We achieve this by conducting a variety of workshops, practice sessions and events. Examples of this include the fabled “powerpoint karaoke”, where one is given a random presentation of unrelated slides, which he or she has to present with no preparation time. Debates are usually organized in cooperation with our law school counterpart. Here, teams are given a topic and a certain amount of time (traditionally 15 minutes) to prepare. After this, the teams present their case. Lively debates are guaranteed!
Last but certainly not least, our resort will for the most part attempt to organize everything in English wherever possible. This provides an excellent opportunity for those who have no yet mastered the language but wish to do so. No matter whether you are the outspoken type or a very shy one, if you wish to improve your communication skills, and give others the opportunity to do the same, this is the resort for you.

Law School

Especially future lawyers and managers can benefit in their jobs from practicing rhetorical skills during their course of studies. That is why we established the Communicate Ressort in 2012. Once a week our members meet in order to engage in lively debates about current political, economic as well as cultural developments, thus constantly trying to improve their logical reasoning and persuasiveness. In addition to this we organize a variety of workshops concerning “soft skills” in general.
However the major focus lays on participating in tournaments, not only in Germany -like the ZEIT DEBATTEN or German Championships-, but also on an international level. We made our first international experiences while attending the World Universities Debating Championship in Chennai, India last year, where we placed 24th in the category “English as a foreign language”. Besides we have been hosting our own tournament since 2013 called “EBS Open” with various international participants. By debating in English whenever possible we also provide an excellent opportunity for both students, who want to put their knowledge of English to a test, and for those, who have not mastered this language yet, but wish to do so.
No matter whether you are an outgoing person or rather shy, if you seek to enhance your communication and soft skills, you are very welcome in our ressort.

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