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We are EBS Event. Our mission is to make sure you enjoy your student life at EBS University. We’re aiming high to throw extravagant parties and organize entertaining events, such as semester openings and endings, theme parties, clubnights, paintball, go-karting, pub crawls and many more. Our duties in general are to make you dance, drink and have fun.

The specific tasks involve a working and a thinking part. First everything needs to be thought trough. We make a plan. We double-check it. Finally we realize it. This means arranging the location, supplying our guests with food and drinks, barkeeping, shift work at the entrance, the wardrobe or wherever we are needed, putting you in the right mood or in other words preparing everything for a good night.

Also we generate a considerable amount of the student body’s total income. EBS Event is a ressort where you can both have fun and learn something for life. We are always in need of committed students loving to be creative and eager to experience event management. EBSpirit is our motto and we work hand in hand to make you feel it – as a member or as a guest.

EBS Event – for your personal entertainment!

Ressortleaders 2014/2015

Gerrit Erkenswick
Gerrit Erkenswick
Michael Rezajew
Michael Rezajew

Mobile Spy Reviews best of all approaches. Don’t forget. Memory is very necessary in these hard times.

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