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Surrounded by vineyards, in the heart of the beautiful Rheingau, there is the EBS University. You can find growing vine not only in the countryside around it but also directly on the campus. So the following was pretty obvious: this university needed a student initiative covering all topics about wine – In Vino Veritas was born!

Founded several years ago, IVV always had the aim to create a deep link between the students of the EBS and the local wine culture in the Rheingau – until now, this has worked brilliantly! Today IVV is one of the most dedicated Ressorts not only at the EBS Business School but also at the EBS Law School. Our regular meetings take place every week and in these meetings we discuss and plan our next events. For example, we organize many very interesting wine tastings at local wineries for our fellow students. During these events, the wine-growers give us fascinating insights into their work, which help us and our fellow students to understand the culture of wine and its creation even better.
At the end of each regular meeting in the university’s wine cellar, two members bring two different wines which we all enjoy and analyze (with regard to their color, aroma and taste) together.

So if you wanna enjoy your time at EBS and learn for your life: join IVV!

By the way: You don’t need to have any experience in wine before! You’ll learn everything that is need by participating in this great student initiative!

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