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Business School

The international guest students who spend study semesters at EBS school should enjoy their time in the Rheingau to the full. To make sure they do, is the job of the ISR. Our members are responsible for all activities surrounding our international guests, the “incomings’.

We organize events ranging from city tours, e.g. to Berlin or Munich, trips to the Oktoberfest, movie and karaoke nights to parties and the very popular “Taushie-Abende”.

Law School

The International Student Relations Ressort at the Law School was established last year and momentarily consists out of 12 members. We are responsible for the international students who come to the EBS Law School for an exchange program from partner Universities from all over the world. We help them with finding housing and act as their contact person. Our main task, however, is to integrate the international students into the EBS community and organise events for them. That includes visiting other German cities, museums and theatres, going out for a typical German meal, having a wine tasting and much more. We hope that this gives them a better understanding of the German culture, especially the Hessian one.

We will of course have some fun evening events planned for them as well. Last year, for example, all our international students and some of our resort members travelled to Berlin to not only learn a bit more about the meaningful German history but also to have an unforgettable weekend which brought us all a bit more together. Once a year we hold the international evening where all the international students represent their country through food, music or traditions and therefore the German students at the EBS can learn a bit about other cultures, too.

We aim to make the international students’ stay as pleasing, fun and interesting as it can be so that they will never forget their exchange semester with the EBS Law School.

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