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“Women Inspiring Business – The Initiative” is a collaboration of EBS, Alumna, and students who want to enhance awareness on gender related topics. We will host events, provide interesting workshops, inspiring speeches as well as stimulating theme nights.

Mission and Vision

We have created a unique platform with the main aim being, to connect and inspire female students. The exchange of insights with representatives from the economy defines a significant step in the female network’s commitment to its members, fostering a vibrant successful female community.

We help female students to gain invaluable insight into their leadership capabilities, strengthen their relationship-building skills, and broaden their professional networks. Participants can attend, e.g. coaching sessions, roundtable-discussions, workshops, giving them direct exposure in close dialogue with executives and other talented women.


We want to

  • form the linking framework for discussions on empirical findings to derive key leanings and improvements in everyday life.
  • bring together women to strengthen core skills like strategic networking, communicating for high impact and strategic leadership.
  • raise awareness regarding a growing female representation in leadership roles.
  • promote gender balance as powerful driver to corporate performance.
  • create a network that supports the idea of diversity opening a great way to grow a company’s talent pool.
  • form the linking framework for discussions on empirical findings to derive key leanings and improvements in everyday life.
  • support female students taking important steps in their career life.

Who we are

Christina Seifert

My name is Christina and I am 25 years old. Currently, I study General Management at EBS. For me it is a great pleasure to participate in this initiative because our work tries to turn today´s business environment into a fair one with everyone having equal chances.  

Caren Möbs

My name is Caren and I am 20 years old. Currently I am studying General Management in my 5th semester at EBS. I engage in this initiative, because for me it is a heartfelt wish to change the working environment of tomorrow to a place of equality and fairness. Everyone should have the same opportunities!

Clara Siregar

My name is Clara and I am 20 years old. Currently, I am studying Law at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster. Providing equal opportunities for women and men to access leadership positions in all organizations and to integrate gender equality through appropriate initiatives should be a common commitment in today´s society. It is a pleasure for me to take active part in this process.


Round Table Discussion: “Modern Leadership – The female approach”

Both, female as well as male leaders came to our university for discussing the role of female leadership in our current economy. Thereby, several issues regarding women in business were addressed and improvements suggested.

Personality Workshops

The Women Inspiring Business Initiative organized workshops for developing soft skills necessary in day-to-day work offered solely to our female students.  The “Cultural Competence” workshop, for instance, was held by one of our well-appreciated career service centre member Alexandra Wagner, who spent most of her career abroad.  In addition, Nina Noormann-Becht, also a well-acknowledged member of the career service centre, gave an in-depth workshop addressing self-confidence in the business environment.

Speed Networking

Representatives of different industries and functions came to our campus for providing valuable insights out of the business environment. During predefined time intervals female students received the opportunity of asking questions and gaining first-hand experience of certain business areas.

Women Inspiring Business and Organizations

Our initiative seeks out for building sustainable relationships with organizations from several industries, which are equally interested in promoting and facilitating career paths of female workers. Therefore, we organized events, such as Strategy&´s “Women in Consulting – Behind the Scenes”.


Iris Herrmann (Principal at Strategy&):

“We as Strategy& had the pleasure to follow an invitation of the “Women inspiring business” initiative for an evening with 25 highly motivated female students, who contemplate a career in consulting. The event provided a great platform for not only discussing a career path in consulting in general, but also touching on specific challenges (perceived or real) for female professionals. Four female S& consultants shared their personal stories with the students, offering insights on their experiences and personal choices. It was a very lively discussion we’d love to build on in the future!”

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