Satisfaction of your Student Representatives 2016/2017

Dear fellow students,

you had the chance to evaluate the work of the student representative team this summer. We are very happy that a lot of you took the chance to give a us a little feedback. All in all 129 of you answered the short evaluation sheet.

At the end of the semester and for most of us the end of the work for you, we think you should get the opportunity to get informed by the answers you gave us.

To improve the clearness, we put the Law Intakes 2011-2015 and the Master Intakes 2016-2017 each in one category.

General satisfaction

We wanted to know, how satisfied you are with the work of your direct student representative. Summarizing the results, we are happy to determine the most of you are very satisfied or at least satisfied with our work.

Transparent work

Our main aim is to represent your interests to the university. In regular meetings with the program management, the chancellor, the president and many more we discuss about current topics related to the needs of the student body. Mostly we can solve problems. We recognize that implement solutions occasionally needs more time. But we do our best every day.

Most of you think that we represent the interest of the student body. That shows us that we do our job mostly good!

In the end we want to work in a transparent way and inform you about important issues. We noticed that we’ve sent to many emails during the year, so we decided to putting the emphasis on our social media channels, like our Facebook page and groups. A big news is the establishment of our quarterly newsletter. With that we inform you in detail about any development in the student body and the university.

The results show us: We are on a good way, but we have to try to work more transparent. What we will do: Inform you more about important developments of the student body on Facebook and email. At the same time we would like to inform you again about our weekly student government meetings (Business school: Mondays, Law school: Tuesdays). We invite all of our students every week to this meetings, in which we discuss about current topics in the student body and decide about new regulations and financial matters. Feel free to join and discuss with us!

Contact because of problems

We asked you, if you would contact us in case of a problem. That’s important to us, because, as we wrote above, our main aim is to represent the student body needs. If you don’t contact us in case of a problem, we cannot help to solve the situation.

At least a few of you took the opportunity to contact us in a case of problem.


Your input to us.

Last but not least: Maybe the most interesting question. You had the chance to give us a free text feedback about our work. A lot of them are very kind and we are happy to get such feedback. Same time we got a little weird answers – but we are happy about any kind of feedback 😉

Please, read for yourselves:

Bachelor Intake 2014
  • intransparent voting system, inauthentic stureps, unsatisfying information
  • Sharing the minutes weekly from the StuRa as here most information is passed from the StuReps to Students. Or at least bi-weekly/monthly updates. Especially helpful for outgoing IBS students.
  • I haven no idea who you are, what you do and what you could do for me
  • Don’t think you care at all about this survey…!
    • Sorry, but we do!
  • It seemed like the last sturep election was not fair.
Bachelor Intake 2015
  • Asking the vast majority before issuing new rules!!!
    • All our decisions are based on voting in the Student Government. Feel free to join us next time.
  • Thanks for your awesome work 🙂
  • Awesome job!
Bachelor Intake 2016
  • Too expensive workshops->cheating. 2 days out of 1 workshop, which could be done in 1 day
    • Workshops are a difficult topic – you’re right.
  • More spirit and motivation, please!
  • Include students more in decisions, e.g. conduct more polls on facebook or something. Additionally, you could pin a facebookpost with each term’s goals and big projects to inform us better what you actually are doing
    • We like this kind of idea. Thanks!
  • Mostly as you appear in a group you make a condescending impression on the other students. I believe that your positions consume a lot of time and everyone is thankful that someone want’s to step in for this job… choosing you does still not make you special. Don’t want to be rude. That’s just the impression a made.
  • Janik aka ,,Bob” has to improve in his drinking abilities. Going to bed early and vomiting too often is not acceptable when you represent the Student body of EBS.
    • We think that’s and the following “Bob” comments are meant ironic 😉
  • It’s unacceptable that Bob has serious motoric inabilities, can’t handle any balls.
  • I think it is hard to be a StuRep so you did a good job 🙂
  • It’s unacceptable that Bob has serious motoric inabilities, can’t handle any balls.
  • Give them more space to do their job, and less constraints. Moreover they have to much work.
    • We are not sure, whom you mean with “them” – but we gave our best to give everybody more freedom doing their job
  • nothing to add
  • Please make the Wlan work properly already 😀
    • We would like to help – but that’s a matter of the university – and we talk every meeting with them about that topic. Trust us ;O
  • Merkelyannik
  • Janik was very mediocre
  • you did a very good job, thank you!
  • Honestly sometimes I have the feeling that students spend money for their resorts in goodwill and determined to get work done thinking that the studentenschaft will pay them back but then they are disappointed and never see the money again which i think is a disgrace i have said that many times but been ignored all over again but iÂŽll try again here
    • Sorry that you feel that way. Financial matters are sometimes difficult. And, because we do this in our leisure time, sometimes it need more time. But we try to improve 🙂
  • Love both of you <3
Law Intakes 2011-2015
  • Die StuReps sollten sich lieber mehr als Vertreter der Studierenden verstehen, als als Vertreter der UniversitĂ€t. SĂ€mtliche Aussagen sind Aalglatt und teilweise schlichte Wiederholungen der LĂŒgen der UniversitĂ€t (insbesondere bzgl. des Internets.
  • Der 24 Stunden-Bereich an der Law School wurde (wie es sussieht) ersatzlos abgeschafft. Die Studentenvertreter haben sich dazu nicht gegenĂŒber den Studenten geĂ€ußert. Information und Transparenz wĂ€ren gut. Sehr gut wĂ€re eine starke Interessenvertretung gegenĂŒber der Uni-Leitung.
    • Eine Abschaffung des 24h Bereiches an der Law School können wir nicht bestĂ€tigen. Die RĂ€ume Barcelona und Accra konnten wir nach lĂ€ngeren Diskussionen mit der UniversitĂ€tsleitung als neuen 24h Bereich etablieren.
  • Vielleicht wĂ€re es einfacher mehr Probleme oder Anliegen per Mail oder ĂŒber eine App zu kommunizieren. So dass sie Stureps uns per Mail oder App informieren könnten. Sehr schade ist es auch, dass einzelne JahrgĂ€nge gar keinen Sturep mehr wĂ€hlen können, Sie das Studentenleben aber doch betriff. zB Intake 2013 law oder Intake 2012 law
    • Auch hier möchten wir gerne auf unser vielfĂ€ltiges Informationsangebot hinweisen: Gerne könnt ihr zu unseren wöchentlichen StuRa’s kommen. Ausserdem gibts viele Informationen in unserem Newsletter, per mail und auf Facebook. Notfalls einfach mal nachfragen 🙂
      Außerdem gibt es natĂŒrlich auch die Möglichkeit fĂŒr die genannten Intakes Studentensprecher zu wĂ€hlen. HierfĂŒr mĂŒsste gemĂ€ĂŸ unserer Regelungen lediglich ein formloser Antrag eingereicht werden. In der Vergangenheit hat sich gezeigt, dass der Bedarf nach einem Studentensprecher aus diesen Intakes eher gering ist, weshalb er nur noch optional ist.
  • Maybe ask what the students really want. It seems as if the StuReps sometimes only promote their own agenda.
  • Das ganze transparente Vorgehen finde ich super!
  • What about the WLAN-improvement at Atrium? Just received information about the improvements on Campus Burg!
Law Intake 2016
  • no data available
Master Intakes 2016-2017
  • I sometimes have the feeling that Stureps enjoy the feeling of being important too much. I think that shows a kind of disrespect. Please consider changing that. Not enclosing information for the pure interest of distinguishing is not appropriate – in my opinion.
    • Sorry that you feel that way. We try our best to represent our fellow students.
  • Make decisions more transparent and allow for a more direct democracy (let students decide topics of discussion and decisions i.e. through online survey like this) Physical meetings on campus not attendable by everybody
  • Passt Leute, gute Arbeit! Weekly newsletter mit laufenden Projekten Fortschritten etc. fĂ€nde ich nice, dann sind alle aufm laufenden. Ja ich weiß wir bekommen eh schon viel zu viele Mails aber mich wĂŒrde sowas interessieren…
  • Guys you suck !!! U are just there for yourself and not to help the students.
  • Include internationals, hold meetings in English
    • Thanks for that tip. From next semester on, we will do a lot more in english.
  • The Sturep was elected after a week of starting our studies .. we didn’t know him or the school so we didn’t have any other chance but cote for him. I would elect one in spring term (for the ft intake) and one in fall term (for the previous at intake). Also stureps should be more open to held everything in English and have at least one international students representative… a group of German students does not represent a school with 40% internationals.
  • The StuGov was mostly about the resorts which are not interesting for Master Students. Thus, emphasizing on information about current matters, like wifi, would have been welcomed. Also the e-mails concerning the StuGov never seemed like sth. interesting or important. This is why so few Master students showed up.
    • Thanks for this information. We have a few plans to improve the Student Government from next semester on.
  • i dont even know the student rep, is it a person or a team or how does it works. Sorry to tell you but i have no idea.
  • The Master sturep was very unfriedly to the people he represents when it came to questions.
    You should make your results more visible!
  • I feel like being a sturep gives those students privileges that the others cannot have. Why can they park in school for example ? Also after being (or while they are) the stureps it feels like they can skip rules. For example [a former Student Representative/edited] was awarded the daad scholarship based on his role as sturep in his bachelor studies. No other master student from his semester was able to apply to the scholarship because it was only for second semester students and we were all in first semester (including him), why was that ? There are other favoritism examples and the right thing to do is write an explanation.


Closing remarks

We thank you for participating to this important survey. Even if a few of you think that we are not interested in your opinion about our work – it is essential for us and our succession. We want to improve our work and much more important: We want you to feel, how influential your opinion is to us and to the university.

In the sense of transparency, we would like to give you the chance to see all our data we could collect within this survey: Excel Datei (Google)

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