Student Body Elections 2017

Dear fellow students,

During the next few weeks, the EBS Student Body has to elect new Student Representatives, Group Speaker and Ressort Leader. As we want to inform you in the most transparent way, we already coordinated all of this years election. Please have a look on the time table and other given information.

Different Positions

Student Representative Election

Since the Job of a Student Representative is tough, we would like to offer you a small overview what you can except during your Job as Student Representative. Student Representatives will be elect by the 1st and 5th Semester for the Bachelor Programme, by the new Master Intakte and by the 1st and 4th Trimester of our Law School. The Student Representatives of these intakes will also just be elected by theses intakes. Eventhough, the elected Student Representatives are representatives for the whole university.

Important: If you want to become a Student Representative, please have a look on the Job Description! We will send you an email with application information.

Group Speaker Election

The Job of the Group speaker is more to coordinate the academic life and can be elected for the higher Law Intakes, who don’t have a Student Representative, and the IBS students in our Bachelor Programme as well as for the different Groups in our Master Intake.

Ressort Leader Election

Ressort Leaders are leading our Ressorts in the Student Body. For that they need to be elected by their new Ressort Team. Since every Ressort has two leader, the Ressort members will elect those two in a secret election.


Election Schedule FT 2017

Please have a look on this years election schedule! Changes can be possible. We will inform you by email.

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