Awardees Excellence Award and Dies Academicus 2019

We say: Congratulations to the awardees of the excellence, leadership, semester abroad, alumni and dean’s awards, as well as the Medal of Honour!

For the first time this year the Dies Academicus took place as a joint event of university, alumni and student body and was invented to honor and recognize great performance and achievements of distinguished members of our EBS family. It served as a perfect opportunity to celebrate our unique EBS Spirit. Invited students, alumni, faculty and staff members celebrated the Dies Academicus with a gala dinner and the grand awards ceremony.

This year for the first time the Dean’s Award and the Excellence Award were also presented at the Law School. The following prizes were presented:

Excellence Awards

Service Excellence Award

Classroom Excellence Award

Leadership, Abroad and Alumni Awards

Leadership Award

Eric Stephan (Law School), Christina Seifert (Master, Business School) and Janik Dienst (Bachelor, Business School)

Abroad Award

Sebastian Hitzel (Law School) and Laura Rihm (Business School)

Alumni Award

Benedikt Schmaus

Dean’s Awards

Tristan Schelhorn (Business School)

Eric Stephan (Law School)

Linda Mehrhoff (Business School)

Clara von Glasow (Law School)

Marco Rennecke (Business School)

Medal of Honor

Prof. Dr. André Schmidt