The Dies Academicus takes place for the first time in 2019 and was invented to honor and recognize great performance and achievements of distinguished members of our EBS family. The motto of this year’s Dies Academicus is:

Commitment Shapes – Be Engaged

It will serve as a perfect opportunity to celebrate our unique EBS Spirit. Invited students, alumni, faculty and staff members will celebrate the Dies Academicus with a gala dinner and the grand awards ceremony, where the following prices will be handed over:

  • EBS Universität:
    • Dean’s Award Business School
    • Dean’s Award Law School
  • EBS Student Body:
    • Classroom Excellence Award
    • Service Excellence Award
  • EBS Alumni:
    • Leadership Award
    • Abroad Award
    • Alumni Award

EBS Commitment Shapes

The EBS Cheerleading Team is one of our solely student-run sports associations and takes part in various competitions all throughout Germany. It is ranked among the top university teams, thanks to the exceptional commitment and effort spent on planning and training by the captains and members. 

The EBS Symposium, one of Europe’s oldest and biggest forums for business and finance, strikes with its many participants and prestigious corporate partners. For the 30th time this year, the chairs and their team commit strongly to put a conference greatly shaping out student body and motivating all of us to follow their example. It’s not a chance unless you take it!

The EBSpreneurship Forum is a start-up and entrepreneurship congress. The event offers some of the greatest minds and their ideas a platform for exchange, networking and even realisation of these ideas. The commitment the organisers show therefore is not only extraordinary itself, but also enables others to follow exactly the same path and shape the world.

The EBS Law Congress is absolutely one of a kind in this nation. A team of law students annually shows great commitment to make this event as highly celebrated as it has been in recent years. Achievements like winning Jean-Claude Juncker as patron for the recent 5th anniversary truly shape our student body and university, as this congress provides a platform for gathering and exchange of the most excellent minds in the legal fields like, as it can’t be found anywhere else.

The EBS Real Estate Congress is unique in Germany, the recent 20th anniversary attracted up to 500 participants who had the chance to get to know many of the top real estate firms in business. Traditionally, the organising team has just months to put up an event as elaborate as the one we just got to experience. Their commitment shapes, not only their #EBSpirit and teamwork are an inspiration for us all but their professionalism sends a message out to the world of business and real estate.

The belonging to EBS does not end with graduation. EBS Alumni are more connected and committed than anywhere else, supporting our new intakes with their constant support and extraordinary network. Their organisation makes up the third pillar of the EBS family.

This motivation of the Alumni who stick to their Alma Mater and the following generations of students makes up a lot of the successful network the EBS can come up with. These committed people always have and still do shape our Family and the Spirit connecting us all.

Community Commitment Shapes

Climate change and environmental depletion are topics of central importance in today’s and tomorrow’s world. Future generations depend and rely on the committed people who carry these issues to the attention of the public. Their commitment shapes, and therefore we want to dedicate this post regarding active involvement outside of our #EBSFamily to the achievements of those fighting to save our planet.

Internationality and inter-cultural competence are main values of the EBS and the student body. Still, the honouring of equality and a clear No to racism isn’t self-evident for everyone in this world. The commitment of those fighting for an end of inequality and prejudice shaped the whole planet and continues to do so every single day.

The western world often appears as a civilized one. After all, a free and unsuppressed life is normality for most of those reading this text. But there always is someone trying to rule over others or to take the power from those who should own all of it: the people. The attempts to let everyone have their free and own vote and to fight for democracy is an extraordinary commitment, as it shaping nations and entire systems.